Restaurant Policies Page

To make your dining experience as comfortable and hassle-free as possible, we wish to make you aware of the following policies we follow at Sushi One:

  • We do not make substitutions for items on the menu. We ask that you respect our policy.
  • We reserve our sushi bar for our omakase customers. If you would rather order from our menu, we understand and invite you to make a reservation in our dining room.
  • We take allergies seriously at Sushi One. We ask that you please notify our servers of any allergies you or a member of your party might have before ordering food.
  • Fresh fish spoils rapidly in warm temperatures. We recommend that you consume our fresh sushi within one hour after preparation. Sushi One is not responsible for the condition of items or their effects on our guests when consumed outside of this window.
  • Market prices of fish dictate our pricing. Therefore, like the winds of the sea, our prices are subject to change at any time.
  • Our fish is fresh and wild caught, and hand selected by our chef each day. As a result—and despite our best efforts—seafood may occasionally contain scales, shells, and bones.