About Sushi One

Welcome. We hope you like what you see. Our philosophy is to channel the love and passion we feel for our art into your food for an exquisite human to human dining experience you will never forget.

Sushi One is an omakase sushi bar in Koreatown, just off of 6th and Western near the Wilshire Center. We offer Nigiri sushi omakase coursing with an eclectic variety of wild caught, Japanese seasonal items, hand-picked by our chef daily.

Omakase, a Japanese word that translates to “I will leave it to you”.

We invite you to leave your sushi dining experience to the expertise of our chef and the team at Sushi One. You will enjoy a carefully curated selection of exquisite and memorable sushi courses. Only the best quality and freshest seasonal fish is used, paired with soup, salad and intermediary dishes that will leave your senses tingling.

We opened in 2016, but our experience reaches back much further than that. Our chef was first trained in French cuisine at Le Cordon Bleu before he undertook the traditional training in Japan for sushi.

Our chef brings a mix of experience and plenty of expertise to present the omakase experience to Koreatown. He chooses every fish he serves daily in the early markets. He selects only the most beautiful wild caught, fresh fish for his omakase selections.

As a result, his omakase selections change every day. There will always be something new and exciting to taste prepared with the artistry and care of our chef.

Of course, omakase style isn’t for everyone. If you have your own favorites, we understand. We have a full menu of delicious, fresh, and fantastic sushi selections for your dining enjoyment.

We are also available
for Take Out. We also cater.

For those dining in our restaurant, either at the sushi bar for omakase or in the dining room, we recommend a reservation. We offer valet parking, or you can try your luck on the street. Our atmosphere is casual, like our ambiance.

Chef Tom graduated from the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu hospitality education institution in 2003. He became the French cuisine specialist at Disneyland’s private Club 33, where he worked as a line cook. From there, he went on to be a junior sous chef at Pinot Bistro.

Although French cuisine remained a passion, chef Tom also had a fascination for Japanese cuisine. His interest inspired him to take a position as an apprentice sushi chef at Blowfish To Die For. It was here our chef awakened his passion for Japanese cuisine.

Following a four-year apprenticeship period, chef Tom was scouted to work as a sous chef for the renowned Gonpachi restaurant. Working alongside his old chef who opened the upscale Kanda omakase sushi restaurant in Thousand Oaks, chef Tom worked his way up to the position of Executive Chef at Gonpachi.

Today, as head chef at Sushi One, Chef Tom embraces the refined art of Japanese cuisine to provide customers with a dining experience of unmatched sophistication and elegance.

Feel free to ask our chef more about his rich experiences in Japanese and French cuisine and experience the magic of a curated dining experience by enjoying his specially selected omakase at the bar.